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Terms of Use

You can take our without paying a single cent, but we do ask that you follow our very reasonable terms of use.

Our cool free counter is easily copied into your site using a code that we provide to you. We only ask that you do not modify this code in any way.


Because when we give you our cool free counter we have to pay the server and bandwidth costs of hosting the data generated by our counters. To cover this cost we have teamed up with some sponsors who we link to in the counter code to generate traffic to their site. They pay us for this service, thereby generating some profit for us. The counter code includes a link back to where we host our partners banners and adverts. If you change the code we give you for free, you damage this link and this means we will not be able to cover our costs. So to keep our service cool and free, please use the code we give you as it is.

If you enter the code into a frame on your website, we ask that you make sure the link back to our site works flawlessly. If your visitors cannot click on our counter and thereby visit our site, you have breached our terms and conditions. We think this is fair and hope you do too...

Our automated crawling bot will visit your site some time after you have implemented our code. If you modify the code we gave you for free, this bot will disable your counter and block your account at

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